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Torments, Catapults and Siege weapons

This exhibition, “Torment” – Catapults and siege weapons, (5th century Bc to 15th century Ac ) is presented in "Palacio Conde de Luna" in León, till April, 2010.

This exhibition is putting the visitor into a world of old technology via the exhibition of 28 machines and models constructed of oak and chestnut wood. These are mainly pieces of big size, such as the battering machine of 5 meters height and more the 200 kilograms weight, which - accompanied by explanation boards – shows the relations between these siege weapons and civil technology.

Leonardo Da Vinci Machines

Leonardo's Machines will be at "Glorieta Fundación Bancaja" in Sagunto, till march, 2010





The Templars

This exhibition, “The Templars”, open to the public until October 2010, in Posada de la Hermandad (C. XV) near Toledo's Cathedral.

This exhibition analyzes Templars history and way of life.

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Ancient Torture Instruments

The permanent exhibition Ancient Torture Instruments, is at the Alfonso XII  space, Calle Alfonso 12, No. 24, in Toledo.  It is divided in five theme blocks and offers a brilliant journey through the feared inquisition court.





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