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INQUISICIÓN. Antiguos Instrumentos de Tortura - Granada
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La exposición "INQUISICIÓN. Antiguos Instrumentos de Tortura" se presenta a partir del 3 de JUNIO de 2016  en el Palacio de Los Olvidados (s.XVI). Cuesta de Santa Inés, 6. Albaicín (Granada). Todos los días de 10:30 a 20:00h ininterrumpido.

Vídeo de la Exposición - Díptico exposición - Cartel Exposición

WITCHCRAFT: Unusual objects and Fantastic Creatures

The exhibition WITCHCRAFT: Unusual objects and Fantastic Creatures, go through the diary of “Mr. Alessandro”, written between 1930 and 1940, recounting the curiosities and peculiarities found by this Italian collector, during his investigation on Witchcraft.

Mommies, relics, magic spells and poisons, are some of the disturbing pieces (over 300) that are part of this collection on traditional witchcraft in Central and Mediterranean Europe, between the XVI and XX Century, showing the dark side of these practices were the most fantastic creatures belong to.

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Leonardo Da Vinci Machines

Leonardo's Machines will be at "Glorieta Fundación Bancaja" in Sagunto, till march, 2010





The Templars

This exhibition, “The Templars”, open to the public until October 2010, in Posada de la Hermandad (C. XV) near Toledo's Cathedral.

This exhibition analyzes Templars history and way of life.

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Ancient Torture Instruments

The permanent exhibition Ancient Torture Instruments, is at the Alfonso XII  space, Calle Alfonso 12, No. 24, in Toledo.  It is divided in five theme blocks and offers a brilliant journey through the feared inquisition court.





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