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Pirates – Thieves of the seas

This exhibition goes over Pirates history. Since its appearance in the Classic World in the Mediterranean Sea, up to our times. Having some isolated cases in the Philippines and Indonesia Seas, going through Vikings and the Barbarians on the North of Africa, Caribbean Pirates and the Indian Ocean….

A thorough analysis that proposes a journey on the three stages -more or less, concise- in which Pirates are divided. Being the first at the beginning of Commerce until the XIV century, the second, called “golden age”, between the XV and XVIII century and the third, from the XIX century to today.

It also analyses the reasons that motivated their appearance, purpose and the life-style that goes with it; their ships and weapons…. Also representing some of the most famous characters there were.

The word Pirate is associated with a thief that steals in the sea, a cruel and ruthless individual that has no pity on others.

Apart from being called Pirates, other words have bee used to define this men. It is a matter of concepts, but some of these words do not mean the same thing. The exhibition goes into detail with explanation panels and tridimensional figures about the meaning of the different words widely used to describe them.

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Torments, Catapults and Siege weapons

This exhibition, “Torment” – Catapults and siege weapons, (5th century Bc to 15th century Ac ) is presented in "Palacio Conde de Luna" in León, till April, 2010.

This exhibition is putting the visitor into a world of old technology via the exhibition of 28 machines and models constructed of oak and chestnut wood. These are mainly pieces of big size, such as the battering machine of 5 meters height and more the 200 kilograms weight, which - accompanied by explanation boards – shows the relations between these siege weapons and civil technology.

Leonardo Da Vinci Machines

Leonardo's Machines will be at "Glorieta Fundación Bancaja" in Sagunto, till march, 2010





The Templars

This exhibition, “The Templars”, open to the public until October 2010, in Posada de la Hermandad (C. XV) near Toledo's Cathedral.

This exhibition analyzes Templars history and way of life.

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Belén de Toledo
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El Belén Monumental de Toledo inspirado en El Greco, se presenta en la Posada de la Hermandad. Abierto todos los días hasta octubre de 2015.

Construido por el grupo belenista de la Parroquia de Santa Beatriz de Silva se expone este belén monumental en la Posada de la Hermandad que resultó premiado en el concurso de belenes municipal celebrado las pasadas fiestas Navideñas

Fotos del Belén 


Ancient Torture Instruments

The permanent exhibition Ancient Torture Instruments, is at the Alfonso XII  space, Calle Alfonso 12, No. 24, in Toledo.  It is divided in five theme blocks and offers a brilliant journey through the feared inquisition court.





Knights Templar

Knights Templar exhibition is opened until october, 2010 in Peñíscola Castle (Castellón), on the 7th century of the castle construction. 




Muñecos Animados
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Muñecos Animados.

La exposición “Muñecos Animados” se presenta en la Antigua Cárcel Provincial de Segovia, Centro de Creación, dando un  paseo divertido, visual, didáctico y participativo, por las creaciones de la empresa Muñecos Animados Román y Cía, productora de animación que ha dedicado sus más de 30 años de vida a la creación de los muñecos, marionetas y títeres más importantes de la televisión, cine, teatro y publicidad.
Únicamente con visitas guiadas previa reserva en el tlf 609326097

Fotos de la Exposición

Fotos taller Muñeco Calcetín

Vídeo de la Exposición

Vídeo Taller Muñeco Calcetín

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